Who is DiDiF (English)

Who is DiDiF (English)


Daniela Delle Fratte was born in Rome on june 1961. Also famous with the stage name of DiDiF.

She attends the scientific high scool and sociology at the Sapienza university of Rome where she now lives. She sign her artworks with the pseudonym of DiDiF. She suddenly started painting giving importance above all to the emotion her work spread. Her aim is to discover and compare human feelings to natural phenomenon and in the end, her works talk about her and us

The value of his art.

Everything was born this way, almost by chance, when you become aware that everything is so dark wrapped in a sort of fog between us and our hearts, so thick that you can not see the beautiful colors inside us anymore or the most beautiful feelings of “Our soul”, by now we can perceive almost only those of: violence, jealousy, selfishness and so on. I have always been a lover of nature and I have often paused to admire its beauty and strength, which is comparable to human feelings, linked to one another by an “impalpable and invisible” thread to our eyes; so why not ?! I told myself: I want to represent them and despite never having taken a brush in my hands I tried …. perhaps I have succeeded (I hope) to represent them to make you see with my works the preciousness of our most beautiful feelings: sometimes so strong, sometimes so magically delicate and tender; and being able to return the right colors to make our souls reborn.